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Who Am I?

Hey look, It's me!


Hi! My name is Maya Khalil and I am an Egyptian Designer. I am composed of diverse passions, interests, skill set(s) and ambitions. I pursued design because I failed my sciences; I Initially wanted to be a doctor. I genuinely love helping people and my dream was to become a psychiatrist. The three sciences and I didn't vibe however and for the sake of everybody's safety, I decided to sacrifice my dream to pursue design instead. I figured, if I want to help people, I could solve many problems and issues with my art skills and come up with innovations that could make this world more accessible to anyone and everyone!

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Experience Timeline

A.K.A my unofficial CV


The Charles Group

Digital Design Intern


Freelance Gigs

  • Designer Optics

  • Forty Flying Fish


School of Visual Arts


American University of Kuwait


Guitars N' Designs

(previously Guitarizer)

After deciding to find a full-time role, I really wanted to see what the industry was like first, before settling down in one position. So, I sent out an email to many agencies including The Charles asking if I could either volunteer or shadow them as I was really eager to learn how agencies work. Fortunately, I landed an interview with The Charles and soon after, I started interning for them! This is still one of the coolest oppurtunities I got because I felt like I could finally put my motion skills to use in a professional setting.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, I decided to freelance for a while. The reason behind that was because I wanted to really give myself some time to focus on my passions and teach myself a few programs I had my eyes on while I was in my senior year of school. So, I utilized three months and dedicated them to learning how to use Cinema 4D and build up my 3D skills as well as my motion skills. Fortunately, I found out that I really enjoy everything 3D! After getting more familiar with the programs I learned, I felt like I finally had a proper direction to look for a full-time role. 

During my sophomore year of college, I got accepted into the School of Visual Arts (WooHoo!) Thanks to SVA, I was able to learn how to 3D design, animate on multiple softwares, the history of typography (I even customized my own!), Expanding my skillset / knowledge on Adobe Suite and digital photography from my very talented peers and my inspiring instructors. I figured out what I liked doing and what I didn't like doing and I wouldn't have known that unless I tried them; That's something I couldn't do pre-SVA.

After graduating high school, I briefly went to the American University of Kuwait to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design. My knowledge was very limited and I had little to no access to any other electives I was interested in taking. Halfway through the program, I decided to transfer to another school outside of the Middle East to further my education and try new things (in and outside of design) to remove my limitations.

2015 was my senior year of high school and while everyone else had the next steps figured out, I was still deciding what path I wanted to take in college. I knew that I really enjoyed art. So, my siblings and I founded and ran an online store that sold custom designed guitars. My responsibilities as a co-founder and the designated designer varied from creating guitar accessories / memorabilia and fulfilling our customer's requests by drawing on their guitars with a sharpie. 

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