Graphic Design

In here, you'll find all of my design work ranging from LP covers, branding, posters

and even videos/ motion pieces that makes the design aspect of it interactive.

LP Cover

A redesign project of Yo La Tengo's album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

COVID-19 Posters

An awareness campaign made to educate people on wearing the right mask and even teaches them to make their own at home with just a T-shirt and a hair tie! 

BUMBLE (Branding)

Branding project of a made-up company I called BUMBLE. BUMBLE sells a line of honey jars that are all raw, pure, organic and cruelty-free!

Food Waste

An awareness campaign on food waste. This project includes tote bags, DIY compost boxes, QR code stickers, banners and a functional website.

Climate Change

A poster series accompanied with a quote by Francois Hollande Francois Hollande suggesting that our selfish wants commodified the world and that we are soon going to run out of time.

Human Family Poster

A huge foldable poster of the poem Human Family by Maya Angelou. Instead of being literal with the images, I took photos of swatches from a local library book and used them as a metaphor (Stop motion Piece included).

IMessage Stickers

I designed 11 stickers in total for Apple. It starts at the top with the oval-shaped purple fur and stops at the pouting dog.

Visualizing My OCD

By using UV light and invisible ink, I created an entire project to visualize my OCD. First, I took pictures of things that look like outer space (as I resonate so much with it) and made a book out of a few selected images. After that, I went on top of my images and drew different types of bacteria on top of each spread to showcase what my mind "sees" (especially during the pandemic). This was my way of explaining what it's like to live during the pandemic through the lens of someone with OCD.

New Smiles

19th century portraits of people holding a straight face compiled in a zine. I used a bunch of different fashion magazines to cut out a smile for each portrait.

Fun fact:
The reason many people didn’t smile in their photos was because of long exposure times. Compared to today’s cameras, cameras back then were very slow and the subject of the photo had to stay extremely still in order to capture a proper photograph. So, many people had to find a comfortable pose to hold for at least 30 seconds.

amar (Branding)

I designed and created an entire business from scratch. I came up with a business idea and designed it from scratch. amar guarantees full customer satisfaction by offering an app that allows consumers to “try” out exactly what they want before purchasing it. amar strives to promote comfort as well as a variety of choices to fit the customer’s needs and wants by using tech to accurately visualize its consumer’s desires. By using natural resources and organic ingredients, amar will not only benefit healthy hair but also a healthy environment.