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Graphic Design

In here, you'll find all of my design work ranging from LP covers, branding, posters

and even videos/ motion pieces that makes the design aspect of it interactive.

LP Cover

A redesign project of Yo La Tengo's album And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

COVID-19 Posters

An awareness campaign made to educate people on wearing the right mask and even teaches them to make their own at home with just a T-shirt and a hair tie! 

BUMBLE (Branding)

Branding project of a made-up company I called BUMBLE. BUMBLE sells a line of honey jars that are all raw, pure, organic and cruelty-free!

Food Waste

An awareness campaign on food waste. This project includes tote bags, DIY compost boxes, QR code stickers, banners and a functional website.