Motion Pieces

A redesign of a movie title for Hepta using one of the traditional Arabic calligraphic styles. Hepta is based on a drama novel by a popular psychologist called Mohammed Sadek. Hepta explains the seven stages of an individual's life. Hepta is greek for 7 and both, the movie and novel have a lot of philosophical ideas tied together to create a media that everyone could relate to and see themselves in. 

Due to copyright reasons, the audio has been removed but the song used in this piece is "Sunrise" by Coldplay from their album "Everyday Life"


The Memory

A personal project I made from a childhood memory I had. Growing up in the Middle East, Ramadan was such a memorable and heartwarming holiday. Our friends and family would gather around and we'd all break our fast together. Unfortunately, the pandemic broke this tradition for the first time in a long time (for many people, at least). This piece combines the memory of being with family & loved ones and the loneliness / emptiness the pandemic made us all feel.

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